Investment and Partnership Opportunities

MimiVax is a privately held, clinical-stage biotechnology company that was formed in 2012 with seed funding from Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI). This was quickly followed by receiving a prestigious competitive award from the American Cancer Society, funding a Phase I clinical trial of SurVaxM for glioblastoma. MimiVax has secured almost $10 million dollars, including $2.2 million in investment from the Buffalo Capital Partners. All of the funding, scientific and clinical progress occurred in a span of less than four years. Immuno-oncology is a complex and uncharted investment space, but with support of Roswell Park, the company has swiftly advanced its pipeline and its lead product SurVaxM.


The costs associated with developing and bringing to market immunotherapeutics are historically high, and MimiVax recognizes the importance of diverse funding sources to sustaining the evolution of breakthrough drug therapies. To that end, we are working with investors and pharmaceutical companies that are interested in partnership and sponsored trials.

MimiVax is improving outcomes and quality of life for those suffering from devastating diseases, but it is also strengthening the biomedical startup ecosystem of Buffalo, New York and the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus. MimiVax’s early success draws positive national and international attention to the region’s academic and clinical medical institutions. In doing so, it gives confidence to investors that Western New York is able to nurture the entire research-to-commercialization life cycle.

If you are an investor interested in MimiVax, please reach out via the contact form.